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Castle - RISE - season 4 premiere

Ok guys this is the longest review EVER!!!!

PS. Images will arrive ASAP.

This episode was so great that I HAVE to rewiew it.

So first thing Thanks, thanks to the fantastic bAndrew Marlow for writing one of the best episode I saw in my whole life.
And the best one so far in Castle… or in the last 10 years.
You all that know me in real life (or even just in internet way) know  that I’m obsessed with Tv.-show (Do you remember my Buffy phase? Yeah Lena definitely remember it – oh by the way did you watch it yet? You should )

What I was saying? Right, Castle.

I’m had many obsession but I never had a such high expectations for a season premier. It seemed centuries since the moment Kate Beckett was shot at Roy’s funeral (and by the way Ruben Santiago-Hudson I MISS YOU). And I was sooo (secretly)afraid that no way the show could be as good as I hoped. I didn’t think it was possible. Sorry Mr. Marlow, I should trust you more.

But it was!!! Much much much better than I hoped for.

Here we go, a short previously on Castle
And then here we go.

Tamala Jones is splendid and tragic trying to make a cardiac massage on a dying Beckett. She beg Kate to not die on her. We saw Castle say the same thing earlier. (well last season) “Stay with me” and yet is moving and tragic, and while we know she’s gonna survive you can’t No being moved. She is sooo tragically sad. And the way we can’t tell Esposito that Beckett has no pulse is really painful to watch  so A+ to my favourite ME !!!!!
 I’m sorry for Victor Webster but I hate Josh. I know he’s a good doctor, come on he’s a Doctor without border kind of doctor but I Hate him.
When Becket arrive in the ER and Josh start to operate on her. Well I’m conflicted. I hated the idea that at end he was the one who saved her life – glad he didn’t – but the whole scene was really well staged and Kudos to A. Marlow again.

I loved that Josh, as Castle and as Lanie is practically kicked out from be the one saving her life.

BILLIONS of kudos on Alexis for wanting to rip Josh head out, when the doctor arrived and accused Castle of being the one responsible for Kate be injured and Montgomery being dead.
YOU BASTARD --- Oh sorry. 
I never thought Beckett would say anything to Josh. I didn’t think they were so close for her to discuss her mother murder, and Castle part in the investigation.

I hoped that Castle could set a nice punch before PapaBeckett scolded them for fighting.

Oh and honestly I hope Josh’ accusation is one of the reason Kate broke up with him

I never guessed that Castle could voluntarily leave the hospital, but he did, and he started to investigate. I suppose he will be the one seriously in danger this season. And again I love that Martha give him her bless  

"We are fine. Go."

“It just doesn't make any sense. It was supposed to be over. Montgomery sacrificed himself. Killing Lockwood and
all of his guys, he said he was ending it. 
He said he was doing it to keep her safe.
So if the plan was to keep her safe,
then why the hell are they still coming after her? “

I wondered if he’s wonder that he allowed Roy to be killed for nothing. Josh already said it once. It’s his fault. And yet he knew Roy wasn’t going to survive when he brought Kate out the Hangar. He took his decision. And now he feel even more guilty because his friend sacrifice was useless. Poor Rick, he’s really in a bad position.


So… Mr. Smith got the documents. Friend or Foe?  


Castle nervous about seeing Beckett is adorable, and Becket feeling insure about her aspect is soo strange.

Very childish from both of them and yet so sweet.


But the moment he says 

“I just never thought I'd see you again.”

Oh and Beckett in a real-like hospital not in a iper private room, was very considerate. Fantastic realistic touch by Marlowe.



The flower scene. I LOVED IT. It’s a small moment. But when Castle said that 

“I heard you were opening a flower store,

so I thought I'd pitch in.”

I loved Castle even more after this.  Not sure could be  possible and yet  I did. He’s trying to make her smile. Like he always do. 

“I hear that you tried to save me.”

And she kills him. You can see all the hope all they joy be drained from Rick’s face with 8 words, and if you watch it again, you know she knows. Because Stana is an amazing actress and you know she’s lying, because if it was true Kate would have another expression in her eyes. And she doesn’t watch him into his eyes. She move her gaze away. Because she can’t lie at him about this looking him into his eyes.


Plus there e is a ghost smile that vanish pretty mush immediately, even before you can have the time to realize it appeared. When he ask if she doesn’t remember…    [I'll add a picture prove]

You can see her just deciding what’s best. And she also tell him 

“They say that there are some things

that are better not being remembered.”

And again Captain Montgomery is nominated. He’s like an hunting ghost for Castle. I don’t kwow if Marlowe meant for Beckett to know what she’s doing to Castle. I don’t guess so. I hope she not. She knows she’s hurting him keeping him away. I think Roy's death will haunt Castle for a long while.



I loved Esposito’s


 “It's okay. You don't have to make excuses. 

We know you missed us. That's why you couldn't stay away.” 

So brotherly. I love how much the guy love her. Almost ready to even Jump on Castle when they suspected him not calling her for months.



The new Captain… mmm Interesting. Well I liked the actress when I hear an interview, I never watched 24 so I have no idea who she is. BUT wow she’s intense and I’m pretty sure she will be fun!


She’s interested, in her own way to Beckett. I can’t wait her to fight with Beckett.


How sad it was that Beckett doesn’t call Lanie either?


OH Ryan reading EVEN People? AHAHAHHAHA  since Castle arrived he became a avid reader.

How sad was Rick pretend to be Castle at the signing of Heat Rise?  Every time he sign the cover of the book he think of Beckett. And you see him not being happy. Not be Castle anymore.



And when Kate arrive you wait him to smile, because Castle always smile when she arrives. And he does not. He thanks everyone when he leaves, very Nathan Fillion. And still he’s not Castle.


Wow the violence of the truth.


 “Oh, you're damn right I'm angry. I watched you die

in that ambulance. Did you know that? You know what that's like,

watching the life drain

out of someone you... someone you care about?” 

I loved that he gave another chance only when Kate told him that Josh and her broke up.

The swing moment, the same moment we’re waiting for ages.

The moment where she said that she can’t, but she wish. Well she doesn’t say exactly so but yet.


I love Kate’s face when she “taunt” him about how he let Gates kick him out . It’s an old Kate kind of joke, and yet new. It taste different. I love that. Again Stana I LOVE YOU :p


 Beckett freezing and trembling is heartbreaking. And I love that we don’t see  Castle seeing Kate freaking out.


And when Castle want to speak about He call her Kate. And ne never called her. He never called her name since the moment he told her he loved her.


And then we saw she is not Ok. She is totally out of control when she goes to speak to the fireman. TOTALLY and we see Castle being scared and worried.


And again Stana is painful good! I mean she’s painful to watch!!! SHE’s is freaking amazing… When she almost beg Castle to not say that the arson was accidental. When she said that everyone is gone and her voice tremble violently and you know she’s totally lost.

And every serious scene between Martha and Rick is amazing. And you realize why Susan Sullivan is such a great actress. We are really lucky fans because we have a fantastic bunch of actors. EVERY ONE. Lucky bastards we are!


And then Molly Nathan scene. And you know Alexis reasons, but you know how much he loves Kate. He can’t back off. Probably not even for his daughter.


And did you noticed it?  When Beckett is not totally right she doesn’t even realize how important is the coffee. She take it for granted. She drink it, she doesn’t taste it. I don’t know why but I found it one of the saddest thing of the episode.


And I love how Castle sort of fix her. I love that he just remember what she is. She’s one who help people, victims and their family to find peace.


And in becoming her, she take the usual Castle impossible theories. 

And then the Life of brian moment.  You don’t’ don’t what I mean? Here…. 

And then she say his joke!

“Or she”

I rolled on the floor laughing when I heard that.



And then Castle fixes her again. 

When she yell Don’t Move, closing her eyes.  And I love how Castle very calmly talk her back to control. He’s THE ONE. He’s the  Terri Miller to her Andrew Marlowe :p He’s the one there for helping her rise. 

 “It’s not enough, but it’s enough for now.”  

I should tattoo this one, maybe in my brain….  

And thanks for not overuse the “Always” word but using   “That's what partners are for.”
 And I love that when he say 

       “We'll figure it out.”       

Really means I’ll figure it out, and only then maybe I’ll tell you. 

 “That wall inside won't be there forever.”  

Probably one of the most romantic things he could say.


I should find a new verb right now, but I LOOVE the last Alexis and Rick scene.

“Does she make you happy?“

“Yeah, she does.“

“Is it enough?“

“It's enough for now.”


 “Dad. Don't grow up too much, okay?”

” Hey. It's me we're talking about.”


And then Secrets….


Castle is investigating alone, to keep her safe.


And Beckett had to lie to him, to keep him safe. 

Oh and after an almost sleepless night I had a epiphany  the psychic in season 3 (ep. .3x02) said Alexander one day will save her life and we know that Castle middle name was Alexander. But Castle keep to save her life since from Ep. three. I wonder. Can’t be Castle’s father be the Alexander who will save her life?  Just a thought.