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Dear God of Tv-shows,

this is what I wish for Castle....  I promise I will be a good fan.

Kristen Bell as guest star (maybe a lost sister? Bye his father side, or a former Martha’s lover daughter.) because I’d die for see her interact with Nathan Fillion, I don’t know why but they together would rocks. Plus KB could see her as menacing and she could do stuff like hugging, touching and similar… that to a casual viewer could seem “intimate” when in reality they are “familiar”. Yeah Jelousy I love a jealous KB and Stana is good playing that!

Castle’s Father.

Find out that Castle’s father is involved somehow in Becket mom’s murder (but he wasn’t the one who ordered the homicides) and that he can be the one who help to solve the case.

Beckett find out that Castle’s fascination with murder really started when he was a kid and found out his friend murdered on the beach, and that he lied to KB because he didn’t’ want her to be sorry for him. I’d love KB discover that Behind his funny mask Castle had really dark memory from his childhood (not too bad, just enough to find out and justify he’s not what he look like)

More Alexis and Beckett bonding. (a Tons of it)

More Beckett’s dad and Castle bonding. (I’d love if Jim root for Rick over Josh) I mean come on he almost took a bullet for his Daughter.

Alexis in danger/hospital, Castle freaking out, KB reassuring him.

Castle being injured and not be able to move properly. (again not too seriously, just hurt enough to have more story)

I wish Penny, the Psychic girl from Ep. 3x02 back!!!! And I want to found out when “Alexander” save KB’s life and MORE detail from their future… And I’m sure Kate one day will be the beautiful woman who move in and never leave (at the end Martha did leave for a while, during her relationship with Chet).

Also I totally agree with Nathan Fillion : I’d love to found out that Becket and Castle did met as child and they don’t know. Plush I’d love to see kid-Rick telling aloud “I’ll always love her” (or something in a better English than mine).

I want more “serious” talk between Martha and Rick… because when they do that… both Nathan and Susan totally rocks! (and I don’t know if rocks is the proper term but they move me).

I know I’m corny but I really love to see some of this

----  Edit to add --- Oh Can I have also a Cherry mention (You smell like cherry - kind of cherry moment). I'd love see a development of the subject.    ---end edit-- 

 Ps. I have also the impossible dream: 


The #Leverage team helping to solve Beckett mom case.... Too bad they are from different network!!!  OHHH that's why Fanfic exist.... so... Talented fic writer.... PLEASE do what you're best at... Fanfic this!